TriggerHeart Exelica System

Anchors can be used to capture enemies and strike them.
By swinging and throwing it, it becomes a powerful attack when it involves multiple enemies.
It can also be operated as a bullet-dodging shield.

In addition, ground enemies and bosses cannot be captured and become “locked on” when anchored.
Pressing the shot button in this state will fire a shot at the locked-on enemy.
The closer you get to the locked-on enemy, the more powerful your shot will be.

Optionally, you can change the post-capture operation settings.
The default setting is <ON>.

When auto-swing is <ON> ,
After capturing an enemy, press and hold down the anchor button to automatically start the rotation,
Release the button to throw the enemy.

If auto-swing is <OFF> , the operation is more complicated,
but it allows for a greater variety of anchor usage than the default operation.
After capturing an enemy, hold down the anchor button to maintain the captured state.
Releasing the button in this state will cause the enemy to explode on the spot.

While capturing, use the shot button + move control to swing the enemy.
Releasing the anchor button while the spinning momentum is gained allows you to throw the enemy.

They appear when an enemy is defeated and affect the score when clearing a stage and the difficulty of boss battles.

Scoring items become progressively larger and higher as the shot button is pressed.
All items on the screen can be retrieved by releasing the shot button,
The timing of releasing the shot button is the key to a high score.

V.B.A.S. (Variable Boss Attack System) is a system in which
the number of boss forms in each stage changes according to the number of score items earned.
The more scoring items you have, the more difficult it will be with more forms of the boss, but you will score more points.

The bombs eliminate enemy bullets, It can deal damage to all enemies on the screen.
There is a limit to the number of times it can be used,
but it recovers when you are hit by a bullet or when you acquire a bomb item.
Use it aggressively in state of emergency.